Why am I looking to learn more about SEO?

Why am I looking to learn more about SEO?

I'm going to tell you why I want to learn more about SEO, and go through some techniques I've used in future blog posts.

Aaron Russell · 2 minute read

I'm not sure whether you're asking or I am... but why am I creating this site, creating a blog and such? Well, it comes down to me. I want to learn! It's been a long time since I have created something new and different.

What do I want to learn?

I want to up my game! I want to learn about new ways of doing things, the first of which is SEO. I want learn some basic SEO techniques and make sure my knowledge is up to date. So... I thought I would take you on my journey of discovery and go through the basics of my portfolio so far. So I want to release a few blog posts taking you through my journey. I want to show you the different techniques I used to create my portfolio. These include ways to speed up the site, creating a mountain of meta and, begrudgingly, creating a SEO profile.

My start point

I'm starting from nothing... okay, nearly nothing. I have an old domain which has been redirected to a brand new domain less than a week old at this point. I don't currently rank for anything, but would love to rank for even my name and some basic terms such as 'web developer huddersfield'. The keyword 'aaron russell' currently has a Keyword Difficulty of 0, so I'm going to start there.

The current keyword difficulty and estimated search volume for the search term 'aaron-russell'

I get next to no traffic, and the traffic I do get is usually bots. You can tell by the analytics, every few days I see a spike of the exact same amount of users.

As you can see, there's spikes where I'm assuming bots are crawling the site, but not much more activity.

I'm open to comments

Finally, I want to know if anyone else has any techniques to try... This is my way to test to see how I can home my skills, so not only am I going to be testing various methods. I'm also open to any experimental techniques, and I'm going to blog along the way too.

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