From one digital partner to another
On Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS) we have moved from one digital partner to another, a digital partner is an organisation that Skills for Care work with to provide additional resources for example developers. Here's how it worked in the coronavirus outbreak.
A phone showing analytics search
You can check your site for some of these issues in order for it to be a better user experience and be better for your SEO.
A laptop in the sun
A better web workflow can help you save time and effort in many aspects of your build. A lot of tasks normally performed during or after your build can be automated!
Analytics website
Working on getting your site to rank in the SERPs is a daunting challenge. I can't say it's easy; it's not. Nor can I say it's fast since for the majority of us since well it's for the most part not.
Links in a chain
We all want backlinks because it improves our likelihood of Google upping our ranking. So I thought I would explain how backlinks work, and why they matter.
Hard Rock Cafe sign
I was browsing Reddit today, and was confronted with an ad for a hotel in Tenerife, which would normally be innocuous however it's the hotel my mum and dad are currently staying in!
Light trails on busy road
Following my previous post, I show 9 ways on how to improve the speed of your web pages.
Light trails on busy road
As we use more mobile devices the speed of a page matters more and more. I delve into what the PageSpeed Insights tools results actually mean.
Laptop with analytics on the screen
I'm going to tell you why I want to learn more about SEO, and go through some techniques I've used in future blog posts.